Individual Lessons

Why take private lessons from the NW Rock Academy?

More than rock!

Don’t let our name fool you. We teach more than just rock music. Our students learn genres ranging from classical, to jazz, to avant-garde. Our individual lessons take a comprehensive approach to musicianship.

Who do we teach?

Our students range in age from grade-school students through to retired adults. Some of our students are learning their instrument for the first time. Some of our students are already performing and are looking to improve or broaden their skills. Many of our students are or become multi-instrumentalists.

What do we teach?

While we tailor our lessons to the individual goals and needs of our students, most students will gain a foundation in:

  • music notation
  • practice techniques
  • the structure and theory of music
  • performance practices
  • improvisation (making up music in the moment)
  • aural transcription (learning to play music or writing music by listening to it)

We also offer instruction in AP Theory preparation, ensemble leadership, composition, and modern music production.

What makes us unique?

Week-long access to instruction online

Our online services allow us to keep in contact with our students throughout the week. Students can review their assignments, keep track of their practice time, watch videos, upload videos of their progress, receive text and email reminders of their upcoming lessons, and even chat with their instructor in a forum that’s completely open and transparent to the parents of minors.

No need for make-ups

When a student has to miss a lesson due to a conflict or illness, our online system gives them the opportunity to continue learning without the need for carving out time in a busy schedule for a make-up lesson.

Convenient payment

We also use our online services for convenient auto-billing by credit card or ACH. You don’t have to worry if you’ve paid for lessons, and we don’t have to ask. This allows us to focus on providing our students with a great education.

Safe and comfortable space for study

Our in-studio lessons are taught in a professional and secure studio environment. This allows us to use a multiplicity of tools to help our students gain new perspectives on music. The studio is acoustically treated and designed for comfort, safety, and the ability to focus on learning. There’s even a comfortable area for waiting parents and guardians.

Unique tools that aid learning

Our tools include:

  • Drum machines
  • Electronic drums
  • Synthesizers
  • Integrated MIDI studio with sequencers
  • Guitar processors
  • A multi-track recording system with reference quality monitors
  • Guitars and bass guitars
  • Baby grand piano

These tools allow us to jam or accompany our students in preparation for performance. They also allow us unique ways to teach rhythm, sound construction, harmony, creative practices, and critical listening.

Ancient knowledge and current thought

Our library includes several books for piano, bass, trumpet, and guitar as well as books covering music history, theory, analysis, creativity, and technical knowledge. Students can see examples of notation from its inception in ancient times, through to modern alternative forms.

How do we help our students?

Our students gain a deeper understanding of music. For those who go through our program, they learn how music is structured and how to master their instrument. This enables them to think and respond in the moment during performance, or teach themselves how to learn new music that intrigues them, whether by reading notation, learning it by ear, or a combination of the two.

Many of our students become in-demand musicians in their schools, churches, or community. Some put together their own ensembles. Some even go on to become professional musicians and music educators.

How much does it cost?

We offer four weekly 45 minute in-studio or online lessons a month for $220 a month, auto-billed in advance. This includes access to our online services throughout the week.

How do I sign-up or find out more?

Use our contact page to email, text, or call us to learn more and begin your musical journey with individual lessons from the NW Rock Academy.