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Music Video

Music video of student original

We’ve just uploaded the first music video to a song written by a student of the Academy.  “Angels” is a piano rock ballad, and was written by Zoe King.  She sings and plays piano, while Kristian Pedersen adds guitar and Grayson Goodwin lays down the drums.  Check it out.


Music Video

We’ve made a new music video!

The Rock Academy just released its second music video. The students of Spring 2017 have made a new music video to Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. The video shows what happens when a bratty little brother tries to disrupt his sister’s rock band rehearsal (hint: it involves devices that shoot soft projectiles). The students had a lot of fun making it. Be sure to tell us if you like it (or not). Feel free to leave a comment on YouTube, and subscribe to our channel if you want to see what we put up next.

This is our second music video.  To see our first video, click here.

Music Video

Our first music video!

The Northwest Rock Academy has released its first ever music video.  The students of the Spring 2015 session recorded their cover of Green Day’s “Brain Stew”, and starred in their own video.  Check it out!