What is Northwest Rock Academy?

NWRA - 230

Northwest Rock Academy was founded in 2012 on a belief in helping young rock musicians achieve their dreams.  Many students take lessons on instruments like guitar, bass, piano, and drums, with dreams of learning to play like the rock stars who inspired them.  Unfortunately, many never have the opportunity to translate what they learn in their teacher’s private studio to the stage.

Our program is designed to help students learn to rehearse and perform rock and roll (and other music in the popular styles) together with other students of similar ability.  Our goal is to equip students with the skills and experience they need to successfully form their own bands, while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Our students have performed at a variety of venues and events around Clark County, including: Pop Culture, Battle Ground Harvest Days, Clark County Holiday Gift Fair, Clark County Fair, and Billy Blues Bar and Grill.  They’ve recorded songs, shot music videos, performed aboard a parade float, and played live on TV.  Many of our programs have afforded the students more than one performance, giving them even more opportunity to grow.

About our Director


Will Stewart, our director, is a California native who has lived in the Pacific NW since 2004, and has taught music professionally for most of his adult life. For over three decades, he has performed rock and other commercial styles of music, joining or creating various bands, and performing with various artists.  In addition, he owns and operates HiCap Records, an electronic music label based in Vancouver, WA. He has been credited in several commercially released recordings acting as producer, engineer, composer, songwriter, arranger, and performer.

Will holds two degrees in music (B.M. and M.M in music composition), has founded and directed a school of music, and has directed student rock ensembles since 1997.